Individual artificial silk flower stems, foliages, succulents, orchids, fruits and vegetables

As with all of our products, we place the highest emphasis on quality and realism, and we are constantly on the lookout for new (and unique) products that meet our standards.

Our standards? Very simple. Only the most realistic appearance, as well as only the most realistic "feel" (that means you touch it). That's it. 

We do not--and will not--carry the lower quality products typically seen in craft and hobby stores, and that are usually available on the internet.

Advances continue to be made yearly by the high quality producers in materials, designs, colorations/finishes, and manufacturing methods—quality and realism are constantly improving as a result! Also, more foliages are becoming available with UV protection, making them more suitable for outdoor applications--see a few examples in the following images.

Shown below are just a very few of the artificial silk plant stems that we carry, or in some cases that are available by special order if not in stock. Many are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors--we just don't show all of those here.

Just click on the images to see more detail.

And if you're interested in any specific item, or need more information, please contact us!