Sansevieria (“Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”) 24″ height



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Artificial snake plants have long elongated leaves with a unique pattern making them funky and eclectic among all plants.

It is one of the most chosen plants and we have a wide variety of colors and patterns. The artificial sansevieria is excellent to mix with other plants and also alone in a minimalist version.

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A realistic artificial sansevieria plant (sometimes called the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plant) in a rich green color, with subtle streaks of black on the leaves. Two different sizes available–24″ height with 5 leaves of varying heights, and 41″ height with 6 leaves of varying heights.

Great for use in making various size sansevieria plants–you can see an example in our “Floor Plants” Product Catagory.

1 review for Sansevieria (“Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”) 24″ height

  1. delta

    this product is great

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