We know that having artificial plants made it easier for you to maintain and clean your home, but sometimes we forget that we have to give them a little love and care 馃グ

Industrial cleaners and home methods work differently on each type of plant. For this reason we must do small tests to verify that the plant is not damaged. Silk flowers require careful cleaning as they can easily be permanently damaged, either by loss of color or damage to their shape.
For the cleaning of floral arrangements we recommend that you ask a professional for a quote.
Trees and plants are easier to clean and we can even reshape their leaves if they became misshapen during cleaning.
The most common problem is the accumulation of grease in areas such as kitchens, this is a task for professionals since several steps are necessary to remove the dirt and achieve a successful restoration.

On the internet you can find a long list of options for cleaning, with homemade products, and techniques with vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, etc. In case you have low quality plants, it is a good option before throwing them away, but if you own any of our products and invested your money, you probably do not want to run the risk of ruining your beautiful plants. On some occasions the plants are many years old and the materials age and are more likely to break. In these cases it is no longer advisable to start a cleaning

馃尯 Silk flowers require careful cleaning as they can easily be permanently damaged, either by loss of color or damage to their shape 馃ス

Tips for Cleaning Artificial Plants and Trees 馃

When cleaning artificial plants, dust at least once a week and start at the top section first while slowly working your way down to the bottom of the plant. Another option we suggest is to use a brush to gently clean hard-to-reach areas of your silk plants and trees.
Certain areas of your home tend to be dustier and attract dirt faster than others. For example, the top shelf of a bookstore is almost always covered in dust. When we forget to do regular cleaning, it is possible that with a simple duster it is no longer possible to clean them, in these cases we can opt for specific cleaners, we offer one of the most efficient on the market and easy to use.

Always remember to do small tests

Verify that the product you use to clean does not damage the color of your plant, it is common for some cleaners to bleed the color

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